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5 things to know about Premium Funding

1. Premium Funding improves your cash flow by enabling you to pay your insurance premiums in flexible repayments - allowing working capital to stay in your business working for you.

2. Funding arrangements sit outside of any bank loans - your existing lines of credit are not impacted.

3. There are no on-going service fees and the repayments are fixed - you’ll always know how much to pay

4. The credit amount charged is generally tax deductible* - no GST is charged on this amount allowing you to put the cash back into your business to increase your profits.

5. Funding enables better protection of your business by increasing the affordability of the insurance covers recommended to you.

It is also really, really easy – every Capital Mutual invoice shows you the cost and how to sign up for Premium Funding with no complicated forms or complex credit checks.

* You may want to seek advice from a tax accountant