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Townsville - a timely reminder

It has been distressing to see the devastation that has been wrecked upon Townsville and the surrounding farming community recently. Fortunately, our clients in the area are all okay. It is at time likes these I am reminded why I am so passionate about the insurance industry. Without the industry and the people who work tirelessly when events like this happen, many people who have lost their homes and businesses may never fully recover.

Being able to help in times like these in something the insurance industry is amazing at. So far, 21,515 claims have been made with losses expected of about $887m in Townsville according to the Insurance Council of Australia. Insurers have already paid over $17.5m in support, emergency accommodation, and repairs. This is no mean feat and it has been the fastest response to a catastrophe in Australian record in fact.

So, next time you listen to a media story about one person who sadly did not decide to buy flood cover and are upset with the insurance company, remember the thousands who have been helped by their brokers, insurers, loss adjusters and repairers to get them back on their feet again when they need it most.

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