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5 things to keep your business safe over the holiday period

1. Check your security systems if you are closing your business over the holiday season. If the property is going to be empty for a period, it is doubly important to make sure the security is up to scratch and alarms still working. Check all the alarm batteries, locks, windows etc.

2. We inevitably get storms over the Christmas period and blocked gutter can lead to water entering your property causing significant damage. The terrible bushfires are also a good reminder to make sure there is no build-up of dry, combustible material around the property – whether you are in a large city or smaller town.

3. Turn off your unnecessary electrical items. TVs, microwaves and radios are often the source of fires, so it is best to turn them off at the plug socket.

4. If you have fridges, water coolers or washing machines on the premises, it’s good practice to check the pipes are not perished (they typically only last a few years). Turning off the hot and cold taps will prevent significant water damage if something does happen.

5. Have someone you trust look over your property if you are away. Leave them the contact details of your broker and, in the event of an incident, get them to make sure everything is safe. Brokers like Capital Mutual are there to help and can arrange the necessary tradespeople.

And don’t forget if you do have a Christmas party that your duty of care as a business owner extends throughout the party and to helping ensure everyone gets home safely.

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