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5 things to know about insurance and the holiday season

1. Property is at its most vulnerable over the holidays. Make sure you double-check your security, potential fire causes and storm protection before any planned closures.

2. Most standard business policies include a free increase to sums insured over the Christmas period. Make sure your sums insured are up to date though, as we hate seeing claims not being fully paid due to underinsurance.

3. Don’t forget your virtual property too. Regularly ensure your website and other IT systems are up and running and free from any cyber threats, especially if you make sales online.

4. If your renewal is 31 Dec/1 Jan contact us now to make sure everything is in place well in advance of any insurer office shut downs etc.

5. We know it’s Christmas Party season, but don’t forget you are liable for any injury or harassment claims – even after the event has finished.

And, if you are the big guy, have a safe trip and thanks for helping all the kids!

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