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Meet the team - Danielle

Danielle Carr is our fantastic Claims Manager, who also looks after several of domestic clients.

As Claims Manager, she deals with a range of different losses and is sometimes helping over 100 clients with their claims at any one time. 

Describing her work environment, Danielle says, “One minute I could be assisting a client with a motor vehicle accident and the next minute I am quoting insurance on a house.
I love the culture and environment in which I work. Every day whilst working, I get to surround myself with some of the best people, which I count myself very lucky to be able to say."

Although we are all focused on ensuring that our clients’ needs are met, we are still able to find that work/life balance which is important.

Within the insurance industry, I love the idea of helping people every day, especially with claims. I understand how difficult it can be to suffer a loss, and how important it is to deal with someone you can trust to help you. I love being that person that people can rely on and help them through the difficult times. After all, people wouldn’t buy insurance if they didn’t want to be covered in the event of a claim.

When she isn’t at work, you would most likely find Danielle spending quality time with her partner, dog and cat. You may also find her with a text book, studying for her final semester of university.

As to her favourite type of weekend, Danielle adds, “I enjoy going back home and spending time on the farm with my family. I’m a country girl at heart, and love exploring outside the city to see what Australia has to offer whenever I get the chance.”

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